Evolution of Complexity from the

Statistical Physics Perspective

with the support of the State Science Committee of RA and Division of the Natural Sciences of NAS RA

June 29-July 2, 2022
Yerevan, Armenia

Planned sessions

1. Multilevel selection, learning and major transitions

2. Evolution, information thermodynamics

3. Evolution on fluctuating landscapes, with groups and tradeoffs

Confirmed participants

Eugene Koonin, Michael Lynch, Nigel Goldenfeld , Mikhail Katsnelson, David Saakian, Armen Allahverdyan, Mehran Kardar, Kunihiko Kaneko, Sergey Gavrilets, David Wolpert, Ricard Sole, Michael Lassig, Paulien Hogeweg, Fernando Fontanari, Oliver Rivoire, Jaroslav Ispolatov, Nobuto Takeuchi, Bartlomiej Waclaw, Artemy Kolchinsky, Matteo Marsilli, Mikhail Burtsev, Vladimir Redko, Vitaly Vanchurin, Tony Coolen, Alexey Melkikh, Alexandr Panov, Samir Suweis, Reza Jafari, Shahin Rouhani, Sergey Inge- Vechtomov, Klaus Rajewsky, Qi Wu, Alexsander Bratus




Organizing Committee

D. Saakian
A. Allahverdyan
R. Aroutiounian 
Y. Mamasakhlisov
A. Piloyan


International Organizing Committee

Eugene Koonin
Michael Katsnelson
David Saakian



Programm online (updated)
Programm (Pdf)

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Organizig committee e-mail:

David B. Saakian and Eugene Koonin (chairman):

Organizing committee: D. Saakian, E. Koonin, M. Katsnelson

Local organizing committee: D. Saakian, A. Allahverdyan,R. Aroutiounian , Y. Mamasakhlisov, V.Korogodina, A. Piloyan

Participation format: hybrid, either online or personally at AANL

Venue: Armenia, 0036, Yerevan, 2 Br. Alikhanyan str.

Contact:, (37410) 341 500